We KNOW Amazon

In 2019, I opened an Amazon Seller account and was sending in random grocery and Ollie's items from our kitchen and had no idea if I was making money or losing it and was basically experimenting with the platform. Two years ago, my wife and I found out we were pregnant with our 3rd, and from there decided that once our baby was here, she was most likely not going back to work. That first year we made a lot of mistakes, spent what seemed like a million hours driving to stores, searching clearance isles, and scanning every item on the shelf. In the beginning of 2021, my wife was able to not return to work after having our son. Which was extremely rewarding but came with a new set of challenges, trying to scale while doing RA only and adding another baby to the trip, or leaving my wife home to fend the 3 animals off by herself. So, the dive into OA began, we spent 100’s of hours working side by side figuring out new ropes. We also started tossing around the idea of expanding on her financial background and my warehouse logistics background by opening a prep center. In early 2022 we reached a point were carrying every item down the stairs to prep, only to lug 10, 45lb boxes back up them at the end of the week wasn’t as fun as it used to be. The idea of opening a warehouse and operating a prep center began to get serious and was something we discussed daily. We started looking for a warehouse that would fit our needs, something large enough to grow yet small enough to make sense. So in March of 2022 we found our dream warehouse and signed the lease. 2 days later we found out we were expecting our 4th! --------------------------------------------------- When my wife and I made the decision to transition from Amazon Seller into Amazon Prep Service, we didn't want to stop at that. We wanted to be your eyes and experience between purchase and profit and provide you with the knowledge we’ve obtained through our journey to help you scale their Amazon FBA business. Our vision is a customer centric prep service that was built on experience and integrity. One that polybagged not just the required items but the ones that would make for a better customer experience too. One that was reliable and easy to get in contact with. One that was focused on details and one you could truly trust with handling the products that are your livelihood, all at a very easy to understand price. We know the headaches that can come with Amazon and the difficulties that come with prep work. And that's what we're here to solve for you.

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